Saggere Foundation Inc.
Funding the first lemonade stand

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Having struggled for over 20 years to come to a decent understanding of what it meant to be a true entrepreneur, we would like to help those who are growing up right now and going through the same pain that we went through.

Again, entrepreneurship may not be easy for some, may not even be for some, and for may be the only option! One would never know until one tried! That is our objective. Help youngsters give it a shot, a try, a hands on experience in starting, running and growing a business, a profitable money making venture hopefully!
Please note the following instructions for making donations  into our bank account.

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Saggere Foundation Inc.

Bank ABA routing number and account information coming soon.

Please note that we are working on making your donations provide you with tax benefits as soon as possible.
We shall be soon accepting donations through Google Checkout & PayPal.